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This is your website and you would normally have your property details here. But as we are demonstrating the just Booking Availability Calendar, Booking Assistant and other optional services here, space is used instead to explain this. Bookings may be trialled here, are fictitious and are for demonstration purposes only.

The 'Visitor Comments' and 'Check Availability' links above are provided by just Booking and are placed on your web site to enable potential guests to read what other visitors have to say and for you to take live provisional bookings along with an sms alert when a booking is made.

Your accommodation may also be marketed and appear automatically in availability search listings such as at To understand how it works, scroll down through this page.

A bit about the cottage
Description of Property: Location - Situation - Map
Accommodation Details:  Ground Floor Rooms - Rooms on other levels
Equipment and Services: Kitchen - Bathroom - Living Room

Include lovely Pictures on this page!

Surroundings or 'How it Works'

How it works

All the Accommodation Provider has to do is add a hyperlink (web page address) to their web site from words such as ‘Availability’ or 'Book Now'.

The hyperlink will look something like this:

Who ever made your web site would do this, which just takes a few minutes. Then at  you can login and administer your availability pages and all other settings.
As soon as you request a no obligation 3 month free trial, we will supply you with your login details. At the bottom of the availability page is also an 'admin' link to your administration page. You will find the administration page very easy to use. It gives you enough control to set your prices and available weeks plus much more.

Availability searches & Promotions

By using a 'centralised' availability system, it is possible to 'advertise' your available weeks on an infinite number of other web sites. You also have the ability to manage promotions, special offers and give discounts in the marketing section.

Guest Reviews

After your guests have stayed, you can allow an automatic email to be sent to ask for their feedback about their stay (Visitor Review). You will find these reviews on your admin pages and can choose whether or not you wish to make them public. The reviews which you choose to make public may also be seen alongside the availability search listings.

 See Visitor Comments


These are the benefits which you will get from using the Booking Assistant: * Customers can make instant decisions which makes booking quick and simple.
* Extra booking channel will lead to more bookings.
* Always 'open' means your customers can book at times which suit them.
* No middle men means no commission or booking fees.
* SMS notification (when used) enables quicker response.
* Online availability means fewer enquiries for already booked weeks.
* You have an online booking service as efficient as any agency.
* Very flexible meaning it can be used in conjunction with an agent.
* Hassle free online control page for ease of use.
* You take all monies and stay in control of all bookings at all times (which should eliminate double bookings).

Terms & Conditions

This is Sample Cottages Terms and Conditions page. As the accommodation is not really for letting and just for you to test how the just Booking system works, we have not written any terms and conditions on this page.

Please note: if you don't have a specific 'terms and conditions' page on your web site, then NO link to a terms and conditions page will appear on the availability page. Only a return link to your home page will be shown.

Otherwise the booking assistant will provide a link to your terms and conditions page as well as to your accommodation page on both the availability and booking pages. (The 'Terms and Conditions' link opens in a new window.)

Short Breaks & Weekend Breaks

The system is designed for weekly holiday periods, but can equally be implemented for nightly stays (short Breaks) for part or all of the year.

Short Breaks - Weekend Breaks - Midweek stays

Weekend or Midweek stays are becoming ever more popular and are a way of getting more bookings during the low season (November until the week before Easter).

Pricing: Shorter stays may be priced as a percentage of the weekly price OR as a set price per number of bedrooms per number of nights.

Please note that in the Visitor Comments below, the illustrated comments are for another cottage as 'our Sample Cottage' has had no visitors staying and so has no comments - the system does not allow you to make comments up!

Visitor Comments



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